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Find the puzzle here ->
USA: Release pending, but check for "EXIT Games Ravensburg "Dragon Cave"
EUROPE: Check for EXIT Ravensburg on Amazon and the official Ravensburger website.

Just in time when everything goes moody and dark outside, I can share something wholesome with you:
I got a call from Ravensburger a long while back asking if I would like to create one of their escape puzzle games! You have probably heard of escape rooms before. They are real-life events in which the player is immersed in an environment with a story. They have to solve riddles to succeed.

For this project, I collaborated with an Escape Room master who got his own venue with 3 rooms. As things usually go with me, we totally went crazy over the story, resulting in the first exit puzzle, which has more riddles than any other in their series. I wanted a wholesome story and he brought up extremely clever riddles, which appear once the picture is being puzzled. Together, we fleshed out ideas to make a really cool story. This is the cover art. The puzzle itself has a TON more elements that get revealed once you're puzzling the pieces together.

The game is available in 8 languages and appears in stores around the world.

I am really so excited because I always wanted to work with Ravensburger! Please let me know if you see this puzzle in your local stores. I would totally love to share pictures of it. ❤ It's available at Amazon. A lot of love and details went into the game and I'm sure you'll love the story, too. You can find it in stores, via the official Ravensburger pages and on Amazon in your country.

There will be more of my work with Ravensburger in the future. But that will come after MYRE 2! :)
If you like riddles and look for something timeless and soothing during the day, give this a go.
A lot of love and care went into this game, and I hope you will enjoy it if you decide to play it. <3